Monday, 6 October 2014

A Little Bit About The Ahlfeld Sisters

We are two working Mums both called Jane (coincidence) married to two brothers Robert and Ross. They shall be known in the blogs as the Mr's.  We live in  one of the most picturesque parts of the west coast of Scotland.

Jane M Ahlfeld

With husband Robert and son Reuben.

Jane J Ahlfeld

With husband Ross and sons Robert and Samuel.

Now that the introductions are over I (Jane J) will tell you a little about ourselves.
(with dictation by Jane M) 

We are both cat owners, 3 between us and love them all dearly.  We adore most all other animals with the exception of things that sting you! 

After meeting in 1997 when Robert brought Jane M home we both knew we would be friends forever. We were like long lost sisters!! Even occasionally my Mum and Dad comment on how alike we are. 

This blog is a wee bit of escapism for us in our modern lives, allowing us to explore and express our vintage dreams and hearts.

Jane M has a passion for vintage and antiques. Her youth was spent dressing in weird and wonderful clothes from the Victorian era through to the 60's. Growing up Jane M was always surrounded by beautiful and interesting things as her Dad and Uncle were both collectors.

I spent most of my childhood as a bit of a Tom boy, always out playing in the woods surrounding my house or down the beach crab hunting. My love for vintage clothing started in high school when my Aunt gave me a few pieces from her wardrobe. 

Both of us have a preference for 20's and 60's clothing as it suits our body shapes well and have been described by various people as unique and quirky which is always nice to hear.

Day to day life can be hard so having some time to get dressed up in our favourite clothes and have some fun is very important to us both and helps us retain a little of our lives pre children. 

We are in no way experts in vintage or indeed in even being working mums but we do what we do to make us and our family happy.

Hope this little bio gives you an insight into who we are and why we have started our blog. We would love to read any comments you have.

Thank you for your time..

Jane & Jane

The Ahlfeld Sisters.

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  1. I can't wait to read more of your posts and see both of your lovely styles!