Wednesday, 13 April 2016

French Dreams

French dreams: 60s dreams: french expression:

It has been a while since our last blog; being full time working mums can make getting time to ourselves difficult.  Jane j s fairly recent operation has also made it more difficult for us to get back on track! She is thankfully, now fully recovered and here we are! We hope you will enjoy our latest blog experience.

Those of you who know us from Instagram, will know that the 20s and 60s are our two favourite eras. Today we decided on a 60s vibe influenced by the fabulous jean seberg and anna karina! Two very different ladies but both equally the epitame of understated cool with a quirkiness that oozes style in french new wave cinema.
Our sunday afternoon consisited of putting together ideas, taking inspiration from 60s french films and happily taking photos for our latest blog adventure.
On a cold spring day we managed to have some time without children, husbands and cats to explore an afternoon of french dreams.
We chose to delve into the era of nouvelle vague and express our desire to pretend we were playing roles within our own new wave french film. We tried to present an ethereal quality that can only exist in this time and place, giving us the opportunity to be someone  and somewhere else for the day.

Jane M outfit ~

Dress Peggy French -Ardgowan Hospice
Silver mary janes - Quiz.
Black Coat - Sew Vintage.

Jane J outfit ~

Dress Peggy French - Suzanne Vintage Closet
Silver t bars - Topshop
White coat - South

Accessories ~

Fur stoles - gifts.
Scarfs - Ardgowan Hospice.
Hat - Ardgowan Hospice.
Suitcase - gift (available on amazon)
Vintage cameras part of Jane M's collection.